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- Ep 351 is here in full 1080p Hd :):) - thumbs up ^^ - audio is Mitis - the inner side ending with Sugar Ray - Fly original edit - smoke sesh is not very visible watch on fullscreen sorry buds ^^ - Reviewing Azure Haze from DJ Short Seeds - the smell and taste is an improved blueberry and citrus flavor with an earthy sharp haze spice undertone :):):) really delicious smoke....great for wake and bake and day activities the haze really gets your mind and body going :):):) thanks to the blueberry in it ......it does have a some what sedative effect so when your winding down it can relax your body also :):) - cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers keep it moving out there buds :):) - peace and pot ^^ sub :)
Ep 351 (Super Blue Dream ) Azure Haze Hd Strain Review 1080p DJ Short Seeds Marijuana Prt 2 Bud